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Goose Down Duvets

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To sleep under goose down duvets feels like sleeping under a warm puffy cloud! Luxuriously lightweight and fluffy, down is nature's best insulator. Goose down filled duvets warms up quickly by trapping pockets of air. The exquisite sleep experience of a goose down duvet is unparalleled. It is what dreams are made of!

Down Duvet Thickness

Our goose duvets are available in different thicknesses, or togs. The higher the Tog Rating, the warmer it is.
4,5 tog   Summer Down Duvets
10,5 tog Autumn Down Duvet
13,5 tog Winter Down Duvets
15 Tog (4,5 tog + 10,5 tog) All Season Down Duvets

How to Choose the Best Down Duvets

For most areas of South Africa we recommend the 10,5 tog Autumn Duvet for winter use, unless your house is particularly cold in winter, or if you feel the cold much quicker compared to other people. Some of the warmer coastal regions, especially north of Durban would find our 4,5 tog duvet warm enough in winter, and the very cold areas of the Free State would find the 13,5 tog duvet better for winter.

What are All Season Down Duvets?

The All Season Duvet consists of two duvets: a lightweight 4,5 Tog and our thicker10,5 Tog duvet that can be used seperately, or clipped together with the attached press studs when it is extremely cold (15Tog). With this combination you can use these down duvets all year round.

Why we use Goose Down and not Duck Down?

A goose is a much bigger animal compared to a duck. The cluster of goose down is therefor much bigger and stronger compared to duck down. It lasts longer and does not become clotty after many years of use. It also insulates better so less filling is required to get the same Tog rating. A goose down duvet is therefor much lighter than duck down duvets.

Duvet Spesifications

Filled with Pure White Goose Down. 280 Threadcount Pure Cotton downproof fabric outer casing. Blocked in small squares (25cm x 25cm) to eliminate shifting of down. Piping around edges to prevent down leaking. Triple stitched outer seams. Machine Washable. Non Allergic.

Should you decide to order from us we will Courier your down duvets to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein or the rest of South Africa.