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Goose Down Duvets And Feather Pillows

  • Load shedding and Goose Down Duvets

    Load shedding

    In the coming weeks and months load shedding is a given. Winter 2015 will be longer and colder than it should be in the 21st century. At the Goose Company we're averse to capitalising on other people's misfortune. In this matter of Eskom's negligence and winter approaching we're all in the same boat. So let's look at it like this: we're all going into survival mode + winter will be cold. We've got the Goose down duvets in stock and you're deciding how to make your winter with load shedding bearable. Let's trade - a duvet for money? This way we all survive a cold winter and a parastatal's mismanagement.

    We foresee demand for Goose Down duvets rising as winter approaches and with that a price increase in April. It may be a good idea to order sooner than June/July.

    Goose Down Duvets

    Goose Down Duvets can ease the effects of load shedding. Personal comforts are a major contributing factor in reducing stress, keeping your attention focused on the tasks at hand when a crisis beyond your control rages. The Goose Company offers all size duvets in All Season, Winter, Autumn and Summer. We find that most customers purchase the All Season duvet. This duvet consists of two duvets that clip together to be one with a tog value of 15. This is warmer than the Winter duvets at 13.5 tog. When Autumn comes one separates the two duvets. The Autumn duvet at 10.5 takes one comfortably through the colder nights until winter sets in when one adds the Summer duvet at 4.5 tog. This All Seasons Duvet will keep you comfortable through South Africa's coldest night. You won't even notice when Eskom does load shedding at midnight, leaving you rested to tackle the next day.

    Goose down duvets






  • Time to Snuggle up with your Down Duvet this Winter!

    Winter has arrived, and boy is it cold. A warm down duvet would help you through it!

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