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Address:  The Village Bell, 61D 4th Avenue between 7th and 8th streets, Linden, Randburg.
Business hours: Monday-Friday 9-5. Saturdays 9-1.
Cel:  0839438204
Tel:  011 482 7523
Fax: 0865864092

Our Company History

We established The Goose Company as a sister company to Holtzhausen Clocks, our family business which is known for hand built grandfather, wall and mantelpiece clocks. We started in 1974 and as with most successful family businesses, each generation creates innovation. When Herman took over the business from his mother Corrie, he secured sole agency for the world's most exclusive Swiss-made music boxes, adding Reuge to the South African portfolio.

When I married into the family I was influenced by the Holtzhausen understanding of timeless products. I wanted to develop a product that complimented Holtzhausen with a subtle, feminine presence. I noted the similarities between Clocks and Goose Down Duvets and Pillows, both being once in a lifetime purchases, that come with an expectation of discreet and personal customer attention.

Today, many late nights after that conversation, I am proud to say that we bring to you an extensive range of Pillows and Duvets of the highest quality. Our products are natural, Hypo-allergenic, machine washable and durable. Like our Clocks and Music Boxes, they will make of your house, a home.

I am also delighted by our highly knowledgable sales team managed by Deon Lotz.. He has over ten years experience in marketing Goose Down products. Wherever you find us at exhibitions, you are likely to find him. At The Goose Company, we keep our experts on the floor, not in the office. They are ready to answer your questions and assist you in making a quality purchase to satisfy your sleeping needs.

There is no business like family business. Each generation creates innovation.

Sleep to dream!

Catherine Holtzhausen

Catherine Holtzhausen, Owner of the Goose Company